The Grief Diaries publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography, and artwork  that relate in some way to grief, loss, or mourning. The term “grief”  is open to interpretation. We are looking for powerful, moving works of  art that speak to the incredible journey of living after we have lost. Please allow 3-5 months for us to review your submission. 

As we prepare for our upcoming special anniversary issue, our regular submissions are currently closed. Please see below for our special calls for submissions for our fourth anniversary issue. 

Submission size guidelines:  

Poetry: up to 6 poems
Prose: up to 3,000 words
Art/photography: up to 10 pieces 

A note on submitting previously published work: Please be advised that we are unable to accept work that has been previously published online. We are, however, able to accept work that has been previously published in print.

To celebrate our fourth anniversary in June, we are opening our submissions up to filmmakers to feature video content in our magazine for the first time. Video submissions should follow the same guidelines as our prose and poetry submissions in terms of theme and relationship to grief and loss. 

The Grief Diaries is currently accepting submissions for a special feature to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. We are interested in showcasing expressions of grief from writers who fall within the umbrella of LGBTQIA+ identity—in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, graphic narrative, and hybrid writing. This feature will be published as part of our fourth anniversary issue in June 2019. The deadline for this special feature is June 5.

The Grief Diaries